Canyons - No Man Is An Island CS PNR-031


Pro dubbed on purple tinted cassettes with handstamped labels! It is housed in a clear poly cassette case with a J-card printed on 100lb. cardstock. Comes with two buttons exclusive to this pressing made in-house by Pacific Nature Records. Limited edition of 100.

Jeremy Leasure - Guitar, Vocals
Nicholas Nadel - Drums
Maegen Chaplin - Rhodes, Vocals
Garrett La Bonte - Bass

Recorded Spring 2014 with Manny Lopez @ Thee Mens Warehouse.
Mastered by Braden Nelson @ Nelson Homedela


  1. Lapse
  2. Cotillion
  3. Double Exposure
  4. Do As You'd Be Done By
  5. Human Pyramid
Pressing Information

100 - Transparent Purple Shells with Stamped White Labels