The Gloriosas - Viaduct CS PNR-033


Psychedelic Math Rock from one of Orange County's most prolific artists Isaiah Rolow!

This is the tape edition of The Gloriosas 2014 album "Viaduct". Dubbed in-house on clear blue c45s with handstamped labels. Layout by Alyx Poska.


  1. Viaduct Slipstream
  2. Slicing Through The Mist
  3. The Final Day
  4. Primordial
  5. Swiftly Shifted
  6. All That I Had
  7. I'm So Very Sorry
  8. Calloused Hands
  9. Blackened Purple
  10. Mi Amor Savaje
Pressing Information

25 - Transparent Blue Shells with Stamped White Labels